Sunday, April 22, 2012

Activity 2- Missile Attack

Here is a simple and fun activity for young learners learning the relationship between simple past and past continuous! The app used for this activity is very user-friendly and intuitive! 

Grammar point: simple past x past continuous
App: Action Movie FX 
Operating System: IOS (iphone or ipad)
Price: free
Internet Status: offline
Number of devices required : 1 or more, if available


 To get students in the mood, explain that they are going to produce some short video segments for the next Mission: Impossible movie. Students should work in pairs or small groups(assign roles: one student handles the camera, the other directs the scene and the other(or others)should perform the action). Explain that their videos are going to be very short (about 10 seconds) and that the recorded scene should be that of the students performing a single action (ex: dancing, singing, sleeping, etc). Tell them that the effect they are going to choose is :  "Missile Attack". After everybody has finished recording their scenes, write on the board:

_____________ was/were ___________ - ing, when the missile hit him/her/them.

Model it by giving an example (ex: Robert was dancing when the missile hit him./ Meggie and Sue were playing tennis when the missile hit them.) Then, explain that students are going to write down a sentence for each video produced by their classmates.
As a follow-up, students can vote on the best/funniest video.

Tip: Before students make their videos, it is a good idea to demonstrate how to use the app. This won`t take more than 2 minutes, since the app is very simple and easy to use.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

Watch a video made with the app Action Movie FX :

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