Sunday, February 3, 2013

Activity 20- Things in Common

Here is another speaking activity that requires zero preparation and a lot of critical thinking!

Level: intermediate/advanced
Language skill: speaking
Device needed: any device with images stored in the photo library
Number of devices needed: one per student


Pair up students and explain that for this activity they are going to be using the images from their photo library. They should randomly pick out any image from their device`s photo library (an object, a place, food, people, a situation, etc) and share them with their partner. Then, they should discuss what their chosen images have in common. Set up a time limit (2 minutes, for example) and check out what pairs were able to come up with. Have students do it a few times with different partners so that they can use different images and explore different ideas.

Tip: If you wish, you can turn it into a competition to see who can come up with more similarities faster. 

Source: Vinicius Lemos
Picture credits: Flickr (Loony Libberswick)


  1. Would work great with Pic Collage App. This allows several photos to be arranged on one screen. Thanks, I will use the idea at he beginning of semester as a getting to know you activity.

  2. Hi Denise, thanks for the great feedback! You are right, Pic Collage would be a great app for this activity. By the way, your suggestion has inspired me to add some details to a future post, I`ll make sure I mention your name in my post. Thanks for visiting my blog! =)