Sunday, January 27, 2013

Activity 19- Odd One Out!

Does everyone in your class have a mobile device? If so, here is a speaking activity that requires zero preparation and a lot of critical thinking!

Level: intermediate/advanced
Language skill: speaking
Device needed: any device with images stored in the photo library
Number of devices needed: one per student


Sit students in groups of 3/4 and explain that for this activity they are going to be using the images from their photo library. They should randomly pick out any image from their device`s photo library (an object, a place, food, people, a situation, etc) and share them with group members. Then, they should discuss which image should be considered the odd one out and provide a reason for that.  Remind them that there is no right or wrong answers, anything is possible as long as they explain it properly! Have students do it a few times so that they can use different images. Be ready to witness how creative your students can get!

Source: Vinicius Lemos
Picture credits: Flickr (@thejustifiedsinner)

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