Sunday, January 13, 2013

Activity 17- He Said, She Said

Here is another simple idea using the app POPPLET, but this time to practice Reported Speech

Level: Low-Intermediate/ Intermediate
Language skills: writing, reading and speaking
Grammar Topic: Reported SpeechDevice needed: a tablet
Number of devices needed: one per student
Internet connection: on (only for the photo search part)
App: Popplet Lite
Price: free/ $4,99 (Full Version)
Operating System: iOS


Explain that students are going to create a poppet using the picture of a famous person and that they need to type in sentences of what that person is saying. Show them a model poppet and ask them to report what the famous person said (Ex: Se said  she had gone to the mall the night before/ She said she was going to eat chocolate that night/ She said she loved Ian/ She said she was beautiful.) Remind them to backshift all verbs since that is the main objective in this practice. Allow them some time to search for/take a picture and prepare the sentences. Ask them to work in pairs and report their partner`s sentences.

Tip: In case the internet connection at the school is not reliable, turn this project into a homework assignment. Another alternative is to have students take pictures of their classmates and make up interesting sentences to be reported. 

Source: Vinicius Lemos

*If you are not sure how POPPLET works , check out this YouTube video posted by Taylor Ness:

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