Sunday, January 20, 2013

Activity 18- Caption Me!

Level: any
Language skill: writing
Device needed:  a cellphone or a tablet

Number of devices needed: one per student


Explain that  students can use an image from their photo library or they can use the camera in their devices to take a picture and then use it. The objective is that they look at their classmates` images and get inspired to write down a caption for it. After everyone has selected the image they want to use, allow them 10 minutes to mingle around and look at the images and write down the captions on their notebooks or digital notepads. Then, have students show their image to the whole group and elicit the captions they have created.
Examples of captions for the picture above (all coming from the little baby on the right):
" Oh god, give me patience!"
" Don`t stop the massage , it`s sooo relaxing..." 
" maybe if I keep my eyes closed I am going to keep everyone away from me."

a) Tell students to write down captions for 3 pictures only 
b) Instead of using an image from their photo library they use the internet and search for a celebrity picture
c) Suggest that students use a funny picture, creative and interesting captions may come more easily

Source: Vinicius Lemos
Picture credits: Flickr (@beyondrandom)


  1. Here are two free resources that this reminds me of. I did some work with Kory Heath, a game designer friend, a few years ago and we made many games like this where players would make a funny response to a prompt.

    The difference is that we always paired two things up and doing it with two unrelated items makes all the difference as far as creativity. Kory made one that pairs two random cartoon drawings. It is here as a party game:

    As an instructional tech coordinator in a K-12 district, I started looking at ways to use technology to bring this into the classroom as a creativity exercise. Here's the page that highlights my work in this area. It includes a generic creativity game system and some videos of the presentation I give when I meet with classes.

    1. Hi Mike! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and leaving a message. I read about the activity and really loved it, very creative! I have also visited your blog and have favorited it, I guess I`ll find lots of interesting things there! Thanks for sharing!