Saturday, January 5, 2013

Activity 16- Celebrity Report

Level: any
Language skills: listening and speaking
Device needed: a tablet
Number of devices needed: one per student
Internet connection: on (only for the search part)
App: Popplet Lite
Price: free/ $4,99 (Full Version)
Operating System: iOS


Explain that in this project students are going to report some interesting information on their favorite celebrity using the app POPPLET (watch the app review video below in case you have never heard of it before). Show them a model beforehand ( Her first album was released in 1990/ She is married to actor and tv show host Nick Cannon/ Her mother was an opera singer/ Capri, in Italy, is her favorite summer destination/ Marilyn Monroe is one of her greatest idols/  She has had 18 number one hits so far/ She is going to be one judges for the 2013 American Idol.) and allow them some time to find a nice picture and search some data. Explain that they should not write the full sentences in the popples, only key words and phrases.  In pairs or small groups, students show their popplets and do their celebrity report.

Tip: In case the internet connection at the school is not reliable, turn this project into a homework assignment. Another alternative is to have students take pictures of their classmates and interview them in order to collect interesting information to be reported. 

Source: Vinicius Lemos

Popplet YouTube video review by Taylor Ness:

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