Sunday, February 17, 2013

Activity 21 - This is Me

As teachers we know how good it is to share and exchange ideas with workmates. The post today was inspired by one of those moments! The idea belongs to my colleague Maria Cristina and I added a little flavor to it based on an idea suggested by blog visitor Denise Özdeniz. Thank you ladies!

Level: intermediate/advanced
Language skill: speaking
Device needed: any device with images stored in the photo library
Number of devices needed: one per student
App: Pic Collage (iOS and Android)
Price: free


Explain that the purpose of this warmer is to get students to know a bit more about each other by having very informal conversations about meaningful things to them. Ask them to select some of their pictures in their mobile devices. Reinforce that they should pick pictures that they feel comfortable showing to everyone and that, in a way, reveal a bit more about who they are, what they like to do, their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, etc. Sit them in small groups and let them show their pictures and talk freely about them. As a follow-up, invite some volunteers to show some pictures and talk about them or invite classmates to report interesting things they have learned about each other.

Tip: You can ask students to select their images and use the app Pic Collage to put all the images together in only one. 

Sources: Maria Cristina and Denise Özdeniz


  1. Hello Vinicius! Great activity here - I'm sure it would get everyone speaking which is exactly the point!

    Just found your blog thanks to Carla Arena's webinar... where she suggested your site - it's getting great feedback from the worldwide group of teachers as we all take a look.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hey there Matt! Thank you very much for such a positive feedback, I am very happy to know you visited my blog and liked the ideas. I have just learned you also have a blog and it looks really nice, too! =)