Sunday, March 3, 2013

Activity 22- His and Her Favorites

This activity is aimed at teen basic level students who are learning the use of possessive adjectives. It has been designed  for 1- iPad- only classes!

Level: beginning
Language skills: writing, reading and speaking
Grammar Topic: possessive adjectives

Device needed: a tablet
Number of devices needed:  only one 
Internet connection: off
App: Popplet Lite
Price: free/ $4,99 (Full Version)
Operating System: iOS


Show students the pictures and popples with pre-established topics. Each picture can only have 4 popples, so use different topics for different photos. Suggestions of topics: actor, color, actress, tv show, movie, writer, book, sport, day of the week, month, animal, song, etc.

 Invite volunteers to add information to the popples. When all popples have been filled, show them the finished product and elicit complete sentences using the appropriate possessive adjective. 

HIS favorite tv show is X-Factor.
HIS favorite color is yellow.
HIS favorite actress is Emma Watson.
HIS favorite writer is J.K Rowling. 

1- Project the poppet on the board if the classroom is equipped with a projector and necessary cables.
2- If there is internet connection, let them decide and find which pictures to be used.
3- If there are more iPads in class, students can work on this activity in pairs or small groups.
4- Students can use their own pictures making the activity even more meaningful.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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