Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tip 1: "Who`s Next?" app

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This app is a "must have" for every teacher! With it you can call on students radomly and avoid any possible bias. Every single student will necessarily be called!

Operating System: iOS 
Price: $2.99

How to use this app:
1. Go to "Classes"and add a class. Type in the name of the class and add students`names. After names are added, you can add a photo or edit any information by tapping on the student`s name. 
2. Call on a student randomly by pressing "Calling". For the next student, just shake the cellphone or press "Next".
3. Would you like to divide your students into different groups without being biased? Just press "Groups", choose the class (in case you have more than one )and choose the total numbers of groups on the right side. Then, when you press "Create Groups", students will be automatically grouped up. 
4. If a student is absent, just go to "Classes", choose the class you are teaching, find the student in the list and use the on/off switch on the right. This way the student will not be called.

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