Sunday, May 27, 2012

Activity 6- Will I ?

Do you want your students to practice the use of "WILL" for making future predictions meaningfully? Here is a simple yet fun way to do so!

 Grammar point: using "WILL" for making predictions about the future
App: Palm Scanner

Operating System: iOS (iPad only)
Price: free
Internet Status: offline
Number of devices required : 1

First ask students to write down on their notebooks a couple of YES/NO questions they would like to know about the future. These can be questions about themselves or somebody else (but the activity might turn out to be more interesting if  they actually ask questions aboutthemselves). Provide students with some examples to guide them if necessary (ex: Will I travel to Paris on my next vacation? Will I buy a puppy next year? Will I win the lottery? Will Justin Bieber marry a fan? Will Germany win the next soccer World Cup?). Then, explain that Palm Scanner is going to answer the questions they are dying to know the answer. Students have a blast because nobody can predict what Palm Scanner is going to answer! If Palm Scanner answers positively, then another student should type in another question and have his/her hand scanned. However, if the answer is negative, explain that students should then immediately make their own predictions for their classmate related to the same question. 
Student A: (types in) "Will I travel to Paris next vacation?"
Palm Scanner: "That`s not likely to happen."
Student B: "You will travel to the beach."
Student C"You won`t travel. You will stay at home during the whole summer. "
Student d: "You will go hiking in the mountains in Tibet."

Always ask students to read the question out loud after they have typed it .
If classroom is equipped with a projector, then use a VGA cable to mirror the image on a screen.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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