Sunday, June 10, 2012

Activity 7- Whose eyes are these?


Grammar point: Genitive Case/Possessive Adjectives
App: Photo Crop
Operating System: iOS (iphone or ipad) 
Price: free 
Internet Status: online 
Website be used: Google Images 
Number of devices required : 1 per student, if available


Ask students to go to Google Images and search for the photo of any celebrity they want to. Tell them to save that photo into their device's library. Then, explain that they should open that saved picture in the app Photo Crop and crop it so that only a part of the body of that celebrity can be seen (Ex: nose, eyes, hair, mouth, legs, etc). Then, classmates should guess who that celebrity is by making sentences in the Genitive Case (ex: These are Angélica's eyes/This is Justin Bieber's nose/ This is Obama's mouth/etc). Then, students should reveal who the celebrity is by showing the original picture.

Always model how to do it before the students actually start the activity.
Tell students to look for good quality photos, specially the one with a close-up on faces.
Make this activity more sophisticated by asking students to practice asking questions and giving complete answers so that they can practice the pertinent grammatical structures ( ex: Whose eyes are these?/ Whose nose is this?/ Whose hair is this?/ No, this isn't Justin's nose/No, these aren't Angélica's eyes/ No, This isn't his mouth/ Yes, this is her hair)
Transform it into a game by dividing class into 2 teams.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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