Sunday, June 24, 2012

Activity 9- The Alphabet Game

                                                               picture credits: @Jim Davies (Flickr)
Here is an idea for teens and young learners!

Level: any
Device needed: camera (cellphone, tablet,digital camera or any other device that has a camera in it)
Aim: vocabulary review/awareness

Students can work individually or in pairs/groups in case not everyone has a camera. Set a time limit of 10 minutes and ask them to go around the school taking pictures of different objects. However, tell them that there is a very important rule: They should take pictures of objects obeying the alphabetical order (the first picture should be of something beginning with letter "A" , the second picture should be of something beginning with letter "B", the third picture with letter "C"...). When the time is up, students get back to class, sit in small groups and show their pictures to their group members. That is a great opportunity for them to practice pronunciation and learn new vocabulary words. The student with more pictures in the correct alphabetical order is the winner.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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