Sunday, July 8, 2012

Activity 10- What is that noise?

Level: Any
Language Skill: Speaking/Listening (but it does not involve language)
Device needed: voice recorder (cellphone, tablet or any other device that can record sounds in it)
Objective: Guessing what is happening

Grammar point: Present Continuous


You need two classes to work on this activity. On the first day explain that students are going to have a very different homework: they should use their devices to record someone doing something that we can guess what it is by only listening to it. It is a good idea to bring some samples to class so that students understand exactly what is expected from them. Suggest some ideas if necessary:
taking a shower
typing on the computer
chopping food
watching tv
Set a time limit of 20 seconds for each recording (they can do more than one if they want to). Write on the board the model sentence you expect students to produce " Someone is __________-ing..." . Then break students into small groups and have them listen to their classmates' recording. Remind them that they should use the model sentence when guessing what the noise is ( Someone is chopping vegetables/ Someone is singing/someone is taking a shower/Someone is snoring/etc). As a wrap-up, students can listen to all recordings again as the teacher elicits the correct sentence. 

Source: Vinicius Lemos
Picture credits: (Creative Commons)

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