Monday, August 6, 2012

Activity 11- What are they doing?



How about practicing the Present Continuous in a different fun way?

Level: Beginning
Grammar topic: Present Continuous
Language skill: speaking
Device needed: iPad
Number of devices needed: one per student
App: Photo Crop
Price: free
Internet connection: online (offline if built-in camera is used instead)

Explain that in this activity students are going to practice the Present Continuous by asking questions. Write the model questions on the board:
Is he ____________________-ing?
Is she ___________________- ing?
Are they _________________-ing?

Students, then, should go to Google Images and save an image of someone doing an activity (ex: running, dancing, swimming, sleeping, etc). Then , using Photo Crop (app), they should cut up the image so that only part of it can be seen. Students should then sit in small groups. One student shows the cropped image and the others ask the yes/no questions until they guess it correctly. Students then take turns to guess the other cropped pictures. 

-Model it before students actually work on the activity.
-If there is no internet connection, students can use their cameras and take pictures of each other performing different actions.

Source: Vinicius Lemos

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